Ahmed Ben Cheikh7BC is managed by Ahmed Ben Cheikh who has a broad experience in different areas such as the automotive industry, the manufacturing sector, art and heritage, and extensive skills in computer science.

Born in 1957 in Tunis, Tunisia, where he spent his childhood, Ahmed started primary school at the “Lycée Carnot” of Tunis, then college and high school at the Lycée Mutuelleville.

Then, he moved to Grenoble, in the french Alps, for his university studies where he obtained a Mathematics and Physics degree, and a Bachelor of Theoretical Mechanics.

After a Master of Mechanical Engineering at the University Pierre & Marie Curie (University Paris VI), he became a researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Technology of the “Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan”. He conducted research for the behavior of metal alloys used in the aircraft industry, and defended his PhD thesis.

In 1987, he joined the automaker Renault, as a research engineer for the development of simulation software of casting processes. He led several cooperation projects supported by the European Community.

Then, he became successively project engineer and project manager in several vehicle developments in partnership with other car markers.

In late 1995, he left Renault to act as a managing director of a textile manufacturing company between Tunisia and France, and then as a business and technical consultant on behalf of international corporations. He also cooperated with an Algerian computer company for the development of enterprise software.

He came back to France in 2002, in the automotive industry as a project planning manager for the development of powertrains, and as an after-sales engineering manager of a commercial vehicle designed within a joint venture between two automakers.

Ahmed has also been the managing director of a modern art museum located at 25 miles west of Paris, France, where he tripled the visitors number and increased five times the turnover.

In 2009, he founded, with twelve other individuals, Team Auto Consulting, a consulting firm composed of automotive experts, which extends its services to aerospace, rail and energy. In 2011, eleven new associates joined the company hereby enriching its offering.