Art & Heritage

A museum, a cultural center or a touristic site, seeks visitors in order to balance its financial accounts and thus sustain its operations.

Attract visitors to a museum in a small town in the country, beyond the reach of public transportation is possible when the place is suitable and the art collection reaches a large audience.

Several actions have been undertaken such as:

  • An event-driven outstanding programme based on biannual exhibitions, often in connection with the news.
  • Building a prospects database from different directories, with over 8000 entries,
  • Integration of the entire collection of another museum (over 500 works).
  • Outside the Walls Exhibition Development.
  • Organization of exhibition for various artists, with works sales.
  • Development of the museum’s website in French and English, which was very well referenced to different terms of art and related terms to a tourist center in the Yvelines.
  • Play-packs development at each exhibition for children 4 to 12 years.
  • Cooperation set-up with artists in order to sell their works.
  • Development of an online sales website of artworks and products. In the first nine months, the site has generated more than € 80.000 revenue.
  • Quarterly newsletter whith more than 3000 subscribers.