Project Management

  • Aftersales Engineering Manager for the X83 commercial vehicle (Renault Traffic, Opel and Vauxhall Vivaro) within the joint venture General Motors-Renault.
    Coordinator between product development team and both GM and Renault Aftersales departments.
    Follow-up of vehicle development (body and powertrain), analysis of the impact on accessibility, maintenance and repair. Reporting to GM aftersales in Millbrook, England, and Renault.
  • Project Manager at RENAULT for the development of diesel and gas engines. In charge of Project Planning. Analysis of every department tasks (engineering, purchasing, engine control, tuning, manufacturing,…) and planning design on a project management software.
  • Vehicle Project Manager of commercial van upgrades. Development coordination with Marketing, Product, Engineering, Purchasing and Manufacturing Departments.
  • Director Assistant of the partnership RENAULT/GENERAL MOTORS for the development of a commercial vehicle.
  • Project Engineer within the RENAULT/KARMANN joint project for the RENAULT 19 Convertible upgrade. Task coordinator between the different engineering departments of RENAULT and its partners in Switzerland and Germany.


Research and Development

  • Project Leader for the development of computer simulation of casting processes (cast iron and die casting).
  • Initiator and project leader of an European BRITE project.
  • Initiator of a cooperation with Volvo on the models experimental validation.
  • Management of R&D contracts with research centers and software companies.
  • Implementation of thermomechanical models in finite element packages, development of CAD-CAE interfaces. Validation tests in the laboratory and foundries. Software transfer to the Engineering Department for the design of standard parts.