Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) has spread throughout every area of socio-economic life: it has transformed science, changed the organization of business and labor, revolutionized socio-cultural practices, and imposed new habits.

The development of computers, software, the Internet, the Web and recently social networks  is unique in Mankind History. This digital revolution seems to have more impact than the transportation revolution a century ago.

In 7BC, we provide the following services:

  • Development, updating and maintenance of web sites on servers running MySQL, PhP.
  • Content Management Systems CMS) implementation such as WordPress and Joomla, and any CMS under PhP-MySQL.
  • Google Apps and Google Sites.
  • Multilingual website development.
  • Website Audit and traffic analysis, Search Engines optimization.
  • Development of any web application based on PhP-MySQL: Groupware, ERP, CRM.
  • Development of computer programs under Windows with the 4GL Language (4th Generation) Windev.
  • Management of Linux web servers.