A website, or web site,  is a set of pages containing text, images, video and music where the pages are connected by hyperlinks.

Usually, a website is used to promote or to inform about a company, its services and its products, publish articles of a person ( blog) , promoting the activities of a government institution or non-governmental , or sell products. In the latter case , also known as E -commerce site.

In December 2011, the total number of websites in the world exceeded 555 million , 65% hosted on Linux Apache servers.

The set of all , websites publicly accessible , is the World Wide Web.

A website or a web page is accessed via a web address , known in English URL for ” Uniform Resource Locator “.

Creation, development and management of websites

To create a website, a simple text editor is enough, but for a dynamic website, a content management system ( CMS English Content Management System ) as SPIP , Joomla, WordPress or Drupal is required. These systems , free and open source, are used by large communities of developers and users .

Whether you are a private individual or a company of international renown , an open – source system is the best choice for sustainability, update and security of your site.

We present the two most popular time to learn WordPress and Joomla .